Bodum Chambord Coffee Press Review

As I mentioned before, I’ve been living in sin, using a drip coffee maker. It gotten the job done, but I’ve wanted a best french press for a while. Part of the reason it took me so long to get one, is that there’s an over abundance of choices for french presses. There’s the glass ones, indestructible ones made out of plastic and stainless steel ones that keep the coffee warm longer.

I went with the Bodum Chambord Coffee Press because it A. looks cool. And B. It was specifically recommended because it’s more durable than other brands and doesn’t have have chamber material factors that could negatively affect the taste.

When it arrived at my house, I couldn’t wait to test it out. I ripped open the box and went to work right away to make the coffee that I had been fantasizing about.

The first time attempt was nothing like the coffee I remembered. It tasted like something extra strong that my dad would make, saying something along the lines of that’s how they made it in the army.

What tangled me up was the ounces to cup conversion, I made it way too strong. There’s a reason that I stopped taking math my freshman year in college, and it probably doesn’t help that I’m not an expert in the kitchen either.

The Good

The second attempt made it all worth while. It was the coffee that I was expecting, several notches above any coffee made from a drip maker. It had a full body and had flavors that coffee made from a drip maker diluted and hid.

The price of the Bodum Chamboard Coffee Press rages from $30 to $40, about the same as many drip coffee makers, but the taste of the final product is what really made it stand out. The taste of the coffee really out weighs anything else, even some negatives.

The Bad

I read complaints online of the Bodum Chambord Coffee Press being fragile and I was a little nervous when I opened it up to find that it was shipped in just a box inside a thin UPS box with no extra padding to protect the glass. Also, there was enough room inside the UPS box, where it could slide around inside, possibly getting damaged during transit. Luckily, mine arrived in one piece.

Other than that, the glass seemed like glass. It’s not extra thin glass, nor is it extra thick either. It’s not indestructible like other models on the market, but I’d rather have one that is glass, where the taste won’t be tainted by plastics or stainless steels.

The actual pieces of the press seemed pretty durable with the weak link in the chain possibly being the filter. I’ve had zero problems with it, but time will be the judge.

I also read complaints about the edge of the coffee filters being sharp enough to cut skin, but I had zero issues with mine, even though I’m prone to injury.

The version that I have is the eight cup model, which I expected to translate into four actual cups of coffee in real world situations. However, with the coffee grounds in it, it’s closer to two or three cups of coffee. Which is fine for me, that’s really what I need at a time, but if I wanted more, it would require making a second pot.

The french press is really for someone that wants better coffee, that isn’t worried about convenience. It does require more effort to make – you have to boil the water, put the grinds in, time it before pressing down the pot. And it does require taking it apart to clean, nothing outrageous, but it’s still more work.

Final Thoughts

I still use my drip coffee maker in the morning, but when I’m tasting a coffee or just making coffee after dinner, I always use the Bodum Chambord Coffee Press now. I’d recommend this model to anyone looking to improve their coffee.


  • Excellent Coffee
  • Price Is The Same As Most Drip Coffee Makers
  • Did I Mention It Makes Incredible Coffee


  • Fragile & Lack Of Padding In Shipment
  • Not As Quick And Easy As A Drip Maker To Make And Clean

Guide To Get A Best Pond Vacuum Cleaner

Dust in ponds is unavoidable and natural, however if you are a fish maintainer you want to reduce the damage on the filtration device by eliminating debris immediately. It is very easy by using a pond vacuum. As a fish keeper you spend more time cleaning up waste, hence the best method, more time you get to enjoy seeing the pets. But effective bottom drain, skimmer, filtration and meshing are, the terrible debris as a result stores in dead areas and has to be cleaned. It is important to read about the best pond vacuum cleaner reviews online before you buy.

pond vacuum cleaner reviews

Right size

When left to decay, it will contribute dangerous substances and may be also harbor dangerous bacteria. Luckily there are power driven pond vacuum cleaners available in the market to handle this debris. There are some tips which you have to use for purchasing and availing a pond vacuum. Always be realistic regarding your requirements. Select the correct sized equipment to deal with the pond. Be realistic regarding the vacuum cleaners capability. If the equipment contains a narrow plunger it cannot take up leaves. When it needs three bar mains pressure of water, it will not function on one bar.

Handle length

Inquire the stockist or manufacturer for the specifications of the equipment and ask some other fish keepers regarding their experience. Always the easy and cheap vacuums are affordable for a reason. Inspect the nozzle size, is it perfect for the type and size of debris which you need to gather and will it remove the tiny fish in the pond. Verify that you can attach and detach easily the fittings and the filter basket in the vacuum cleaner. Confirm the length of the handle. Will the pond vacuum cleaner reach the corners of the pond? Is the equipment is very long to operate with conveniently in certain conditions?

clean you pond with vacuum cleaner


Look for hand pumped vacuums to check how easy these devices are to use. It is waste to purchase one that is very difficult to operate. Check how weight the pump is, is device on wheels and how bulky? Check whether you can operate it and store the vacuum cleaner easily? Create vacuuming less of work by creating it a monthly work if not you will get a longer session if you lastly get close to it. Small level of maintenance is required for pond vacuums but they take benefit from being kept in a dry and clean place.

Two models

Hand pumps may require the valves replaced frequently, hence choose service kits. Power driven pumps are not availed regularly like filter pumps hence they do not require the similar amount of care and any mistake and following delay in doing repair service is not very much necessary. But it is still essential that electrical cables and connections are inspected prior every use. Hand pumped equipment is best for small ponds, work such as a bicycle pump. Bigger vacuums operated by a exterior pump are needed for ponds of more thousand gallons or 4550 liters or for taking up sand, gravel and soil.

The Brewing Process of an Espresso Machine

A keen understanding of the brewing process of an espresso machine is the foremost step towards making a perfect cup of espresso. Although it may take a couple of attempts before you get the taste you desire, brewing espresso is not overly difficult. If you have the proper knowledge of your machine, the beans and the brewing process, you are just a few steps away from creating one of the best cups of espresso that you will have. One of the important things to achieve in a great cup of espresso is the swirl of crema, which provides great taste and texture to your cup of coffee. Most espresso machines have the ability to brew in such a way that it has a perfect blend of everything, great taste while also retaining the incredible aroma.

Different types of espresso machines are very popular nowadays and can be used at home to brew delicious cafe style espresso. You may choose a machine according to your needs and of course your budget. The steam powered espresso machines are quite inexpensive and is a great choice, if you have limited budget. But these machines are less effective than other higher quality ones. They are easy to use but do not have regulated temperature and adequate pressure to create a great cup of espresso. On the other hand, semi-automatic and pump-driven espresso machines are expensive but work well in creating the right taste and texture needed for a quality cup. The more you spend on your machine, the more likely you are to brew a terrific tasting drink. Super automatic machines may not require your interference and are capable of brewing without much work from you.

In general, all the espresso machines have a very similar brewing process. Understanding how it works will not only help you in buying the right espresso machine, but will also help you to enhance the taste of the brew. A shot of espresso is attained by passing the right temperature of water with a force of about 1.5 ounces through finely ground coffee beans. If done as per the instructions, you will end up with a great tasting and great looking cup of quality espresso. The process of brewing is simple and the right equipment makes it even simpler. It’s all about ideal temperature and pressure during the brewing process

The Complete Brewing Process Involves The Following Steps

The Perfect Roast And Grind


Whichever coffee bean or roast you choose to brew with it will require a fine grind. Depending on the model of the espresso machine that you own it could require a separate coffee grinder. Ground coffee tends to become stale rather quickly so it’s always best to grind the beans just before brewing. Additionally, try to use freshly roasted coffee beans if you are trying to achieve the perfect espresso. Stale coffee beans will inhibit your espresso’s taste compared to using all fresh ingredients. Also light roasts do not provide as much taste due to a lack of oils and darker roast actually have too much oil. Medium roasts have the perfect proportions for making espresso.


Pre-heating the machine as well as your cup and portafilter is another important step in making a good espresso. A pre-heated machine provides a better taste and blend to your coffee. This step is extremely important, because if avoided, it may highly dampen the taste and quality of the drink. The machine is heated by passing a blank shot of hot water or by simply switching it on a few minutes before brewing the coffee.

Preparing The Portafilter

The Portafilter is the filter in the espresso machine, in which the ground beans are filled. Every espresso machine comes with a filter. Some machines may have separate portafilters that can be attached during brewing. Filling the portafiller with the chosen grind of coffee bean is the next step in the brewing process of an espresso machine. Almost seven grams of ground coffee is required for making one shot of espresso which is the standard for all machines. Once you get used to brewing espresso you can vary the quantities to suit your tastes.


The espresso machine comes with a tool, often called a tamper. Tamping is a process in which pressure is applied with the help of the tamper to compact the coffee grounds, inside the portafilter basket. When water is forced through this compacted coffee grind, it produces espresso. Therefore, tamping is essential in brewing the espresso in an ideal way. Too much tamping and too little tamping may considerably increase and decrease the time taken by water to pass through it, respectively. Some espresso machines come with improved technologies, which are equipped to retain the perfect resistance in the portafilters, to insure the  correct tamping pressure. Most brewing machines provide the sufficient amount of brewing pressure, but some of the inexpensive machines may not be as efficient as others and could not deliver quality espresso that you desire.


Once all the above steps are completed, the role of brewing temperature as well as pressure is the last step for the espresso machines, to deliver your espresso. Espresso machines have a built in thermostat that controls the temperature of water and ensures the correct temperature of the water to produce the finest taste. If water is not hot enough it can drastically affect the taste of your espresso drink.

A good espresso machine can definitely help you achieve a barista quality espresso at home. Although you may face some difficulties when doing it the first time, after a few attempts you will begin to master  the art of making perfect espresso. While deciding which espresso maker to buy, consider how much maintenance it requires. Most machines may require regular maintenance in removing deposited minerals that come from water, or else it may result in a block of the pump.

Once you understand the brewing process of an espresso machine and buy the right equipment for yourself, you can start making your own espresso and can continue doing so for years. Once you are accustomed to the process, you you can try other variations of your beverage by trying different roasts and grinds. From there you can move on to any espresso based drink you can think of!

Types and Variations of Espresso Machines

Are you overwhelmed by all the technical names of the espresso machine types that you don’t know which to choose? No worries, I’ve made a summary here for you so that you know which is which.

Basically you will find two COMMON types of espresso machine that people use in their homes. These 2 types are:

  1. Steam-driven espresso machine
  2. Pump-driven espresso machine

Other less common types are the piston-driven (which is an older version of the pump-driven), the air-pressure-driven (which is handheld) and the Moka Pot coffee maker (which is stove top).

Frankly, I hardly think that a stove-top coffee maker can be called an “espresso machine”, but I’ll mention it for good measure anyway.

I’m sure that as you read this you realize that each type of espresso maker makes different “levels” of coffee. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, you know that strong coffee is NOT the same as espresso.

Steam Driven Espresso Machine

Many people consider this is not truly an espresso machine rather than just an improved version of a Moka Pot coffee maker. So if you are serious about making espresso, I don’t recommend buying any steam driven espresso machine. The steam driven espresso machine would not produce enough pressure and right temperature of hot water to create an authentic espresso but rather than just create a strong coffee.

Pump Driven Espresso Machine

This is the type of espresso machine that makes true espresso by pumping the water from the boiler and forcing it through the coffee grounds. Most espresso bars and coffee houses now use this type of espresso machine. Here are a few variations of the pump-driven:

Semi Automatic

This is the espresso machine that you see in Starbucks. It is much easier to operate and your job is to grind the coffee beans and tamp them into the portafilter. Then you just press the button to turn the machine on. When you see you have the right amount of dark, creamy liquid coming out, press the button again to stop the brewing.


It is very similar to semi automatic machine but you don’t have to push the button to stop the brewing. But you still need to do the grinding, tamping it into the portafilter and cleaning on the used puck. Unless you get one of those that uses proprietary pods, which is very convenient and easy to clean, and the pods are quite affordable as well.

Super Automatic 

Well, this machine will truly run all the processes automatically including grinding the coffee beans, tamping the coffee beans, boiling the water, pushing it through from just the right pressure and discarding the used grounds into an internal waste box. Definitely the most convenient espresso machine compared to other types of espresso machine, and of course it comes with a heavy price tag too.

Piston Driven Espresso Machine

This is, as I said earlier, an older version of the pump driven, and it’s manual! You will need to manually press the hot water through ground coffee to make your espresso. The learning curve is a bit high for making good espresso shots using manual espresso machine. I don’t recommend a beginner getting a manual espresso machine. Besides, it is rather hard work to make many cups for guests!

Air Pressure Driven Espresso Machine

This handheld device is made to be a portable espresso machine, so that you can make a cup of espresso when you need it while traveling. It can only make one shot at a time but the quality is crema-topped real espresso.

Well, I hope you find this easy to understand! For more tips and guides to buy an espresso machine for yourself, go to my best espresso machine website.

Baby bottles – How to Sterilize and How Long to Do This

Since the immune system of the newborn babies is developing, sterilizing the bottles is very necessary to make sure the health of him/her before and after utilizing. Aside from the sterilizing products – the best baby bottle sterilizer 2017 available on the market today, there are some efficient methods that are being used – steaming or boiling, utilizing an electric steamer, a microwave steamer, or a stove. Whatever you sterilize with any methods, you should also remember that the dishwasher cannot reach the right temperature in order to kill bacteria and germ.

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