Best Japanese Chef Knives in the World

When we started testing Japanese Kitchen Knives for this article, we wanted to explore the fabled world of what are considered some of the best knifes for cooking in the world. Although Japanese Kitchen Knives are famous for their razor sharp edges – the term has grown to more specifically refer to the angel that the blade is actually sharpened on the knife. In other words a German or Swiss knife manufacturer can ( and is ) now producing what is termed a Japanese kitchen knife.

Japan is famous for it’s fish based cuisine including sushi which is as much presentation as it is for consumption. Because of the artistic nature of Japanese cooking – the importance of razor sharp knives is more important than its German Steel cousin which isn’t finished as sharp as the Japanese steel knives. Typically Japanese Knives are sharpened to a 16 degree angle – making them very sharp. ( German steel is usually sharpened to 22 degrees ). The drawback is that the blade is more susceptible to nicks and damage to the blade and tip.

Japanese knives are created in two different classes of construction which are called Honyaki and Kasumi. Honyaki knives are made from a single compound – often most evident in what appears to be blue steel. The Kasumi forged blades are often made from high carbon steel such as blue or white steel and then forged with a soft iron called Jigane. Both types of construction are considered equal depending on who you talk to but generally the Kasumi knife is more ridged and there for more tolerant to being dropped or cutting bone etc.

When Japanese knives are made, the blade construction is called San Mai and refers to the blades edge and is the process of hardening the edge of the blade. Japanese chef’s refer to something called Kirenaga which is how long the blade can keep it’s edge before sharpening.
Many of the Best Japanese Chef’s Knifes are Made By Hand Using Thousand Year Old Techniques.
In ancient times, all Japanese Knives were made from carbon steel ( Katana ) and over the centuries these knives have taken on new construction techniques depending on the craftsman. Stainless steel is often used for Japanese knives in modern times, but San Mai – or a laminated blade are still used in the best knives.

All Japanese knifes originate from the Sakia – the capital of where the famed Samurai swords were created in the 14th century. After Samurai sword production was banned in the late 1800’s, many sword manufacturers turned their skills to knife production.

This creates a level of fascination in the Western World for Japanese kitchen knives that are made with the same techniques and tradition that the ancient sword makers used to create the sharpest, most feared swords in the world – which legend says can cut a single hair in half.

Larger Japanese Kitchen Knives often have a hammered finish to the blade which is called Tsuchime. This process eliminates food sticking to the blade as well as knife drag ( when suction to the material being cut causes resistance )

In helping our readers find the best Japanese Knives in the world, we wanted though to stay true to the tradition of a knife from a Japanese manufacturer. There are a variety of excellent brands on the market that we will cover in depth below.

  • Yoshihiro Cutlery Hammered Damascus Gyuto Knife, 7-Inch: The Yoshihiro Damascus Chef knife is made of 16 layers of VG-10 Gold and has a hand hammered finish ( also called Japanese Super Steel ) The knife features a mahogany handle and double edged blade finished at 16 degrees for a razor sharp cutting edge.
  • Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch: This beautiful 8 inch Japanese Kitchen Knife is as beautiful as it is functional. tasks. The knife features an 8-inch blade with a carefully engineered curve that allows for smooth rapid cutting. Built from layered Damascus steel, the knife’s blade comes with a hand-crafted hammered finish that reduces suction and knife drag when cutting and prevents food from sticking to the blade. The handle is finished with Pakkawood which offers a secure and comfortable grip.
  • YOSHIHIRO – Japanese blue steel Kuro Uchi chef knife Gyuto 9.5″:This Gyuto Hand crafted Blue Japanese high carbon steel with beautiful hand carved Shitan Handle is made by the famed Yoshihiro Knife Company. Double edge blade sharpened to a 16 degree finish. Highly recommended for Sushi preparation.
  • ZHEN Japanese VG-10 Damascus Dragon Gyuto Chef Knife, 9.5-Inch: Made of VG-10 67 layer Damascus stainless steel knife features 33 layers of steel on each side of the knife. The damascus pattern on the blade reduces drag and sticking food. Handle constructed of oval shaped Pakkawood.
  • Shun Edo BB1503 8-1/2-Inch Chef’s Knife: A classic combination of tradition and modern design, this 8.5 inch Japanese Chef knife is precision forged from a single piece of VG10 Super Steel. The knife is balanced and features a hammered tshchime blade finish. Handle is made of resin impregnated Pakkawood.

Founded in 2015, is the web’s best resource for information and reviews on all sorts of knives. It specializes in providing in depth analytical content that will help you make the best decision possible when purchasing your next knife.

Delonghi EC155 Espresso Review

The easy to use and very affordable DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine is the best machine for those who want to make the change from drip or instant coffee to a pretty stronger brew. The EC155 is a pump-driven and an exclusive cappuccino frothing machine, which creates quality and delicious frothed milk. At such a fair price, it is hard to pass this marvel of a machine on the shelves since it prepares creamy froth with enormous ease. While using it, you can enjoy cappuccino or espresso at perfect temperatures with two different thermostats. If you prioritize cappuccino, you will enjoy utilizing the user-friendly swivel jet frother that always prepares excellent drinks. Its other interesting functions include its self-priming operation that eliminates pesky preparation, removable tank, drip tray and a high-quality stainless steel boiler that guarantees the long life of delicious espresso.


• Pump Driven: 15 bar pressure for wonderful crema

• Stainless Steel Boiler: High-quality and easy to maintain

• Dual Thermostats: Easily to separately control water and steam temperatures

• Self-Priming: It automatically gets itself ready to brew

• Filter Basket: Applies ground espresso to brew coffee or espresso

• Adjustable Frother: Its swivel jet frother is perfect for making fluffy, frothy milk like a cappuccino

• Removable Water Tank: Easy to clean and fill water tank by first removing it

• Removable Drip Tray: For easy clean up

• On/Off Switch: Its indicator light displays the brew status

• Potential: The EC155 makes the smoothest shots among any entry-level machine.

• Available Portafilters: Pressurized

• Brew Time: 1 minute and 45 seconds

• Steam Time 42 seconds

• Boiler Design: Single Boiler

• Water Sources: Reservoir/Internal Tank

• Material: Plastic


• Good Shots: While using the DeLonghi EC155, you will attain nothing but smooth, delicious shots of cappuccino with any grind

• Strong Frother: The espresso machine has a superb track record for making delicious crema all the time

• Built-In Tamper: Beginners will appreciate that this device features an inbuilt tamper.

• Swivel Jet Frother: Its state-of-the-art swivel jet quickly prepares cappuccino and latte with frother to create a rich and creamy froth for great drinks anytime.

• Patented Dual-Function Filter Holder: Using the DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine’s dual function filter, you can put ground coffee as usual or any other convenient coffee pods for quick preparation of your treasured drink. It mainly makes cappuccino and espresso preparation easy and quick.

• Self-Priming Operation: Avoid annoying start-up preparation using this modern self-priming machine. Make your coffee unbelievably faster, with minimal waiting around for the boiler and element to reach the proper temperature.

• Easy to Clean: The DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Machine is easy to clean since it has a removable 35-ounce reservoir with status indicator lights and removable drip tray. It is pretty easy to clean, disassemble and reassemble to resume making your drinks quickly.
(tips and hacks; use a smaller frothing pitcher because steam wand normally has small clearance)

With all the above exciting features, you can now make your coffee easily and quickly. The elegant product is readily available in the popular market sites like Amazon and retail shops everywhere in the world at affordable prices.

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Studio Monitor And Headphone Monitor

Are you a music producer? Do you want to open a studio or want to produce music products. If you do not belong to these two kind of people and you just love music and want to have your own records and your small studio at home, let’s invest your money and your effort to find the best studio monitor because it is extremely essential while it meets all the needs of audio alignment of dubbing projects, music production. You can find more information in – Best studio monitors under 300 for your home recording studio.

Both studio monitor and headphone monitor are important for your home recording or any other professional studio. They are similar with the function to help you to hear the most natural sound. However, many people, especially the ones have just had their own studio. Headphone studio is often used in case you do not have any separate room to test and record your sound. Studio monitor used in most of the situation, from studio to the stage. Even more, you can bring along a studio monitor with you to your picnic and it will give you the most exciting experience.

best studio monitors under 300
  1. Studio monitor

Due to the nature and the stringent requirements of the job, studio monitor or headphone monitor should always extremely precise with its expression that is necessary audio sources. They often have the very large frequency response, usually from 50hz- 20kHz.

Technology in the production of audio speakers is the secret that manufacturers never publish. About the production line, we have many traditional brands as Genelec, Adam but there are also other producers that use the modern and automatic manufacturing technologies such as Focal French.

Selecting the best studio monitor is not necessarily dependent on a lot of money. However, your studio monitor or your headphone monitor partly reflected the brand as well as materials to make them superior or not. Moreover, talk about the quality of a studio monitor, we will not have a specific standard but often the choice of the appropriate value, the appropriate space to put them, in genres compliant sound bar, as well as interest in the familiarity of ears per person.

The most popular studio monitors used and interested in the U.S are KRK, Event, Alesis, M-Audio, PreSonus, Focal, etc. Each model has its own characteristics and price, to suit each different nature of work.

Studio monitor is usually divided into two types available to change the output capacity or not:

  • Passive studio monitor: The amplifier for this kind of studio monitor is not available, we must equip capacity to be able to use, as Yamaha NS 10M studio monitor and the 10-studio NS for example. Although it is not because of the troublesome of graft Amplifiers matching connector. Passive studio monitor is now produced and sold at a larger quality than they did in the past.
  • Active studio monitor: This kind of studio monitor has its own capacity, just plug the audio source into the spending. Today, because of convenience, many people choose this type.
  1. Headphone monitor

    studio headphone

To everyone, recording now is no longer a strange thing or strange thought, someone dream to open the studio to make money, others are dreaming about their own studio to serve their purpose of singing. But few people noticed the benefits and utility of their recording equipment such as headphone monitor.

As we all know that in the recording studio, the headphone monitor is essential to listen to and discover the weaknesses of people singing in the recording process to take the proper corrective measures and play accordingly. Also, check audio headset also to decorate the room for added beauty and create professional recordings for people in general.

And an article today we share analysis for everyone why headphones monitor is important instruments indispensable for studio work in particular and in general mixing.

  • Characteristics of the headphone monitor:

Often there will be 2 types of headphone monitor commonly used in the studio:

  • Closed Ear Headphones:

Headphones reduce noise and noise while increasing revenue to the music listening experience and making a quiet space for the theater during your record. And above all to give the headphones singing psychological comfort is not distracted by external impacts. This type headphones capable of confidentiality not to any external sound entered contributing bring the concentration to present songs.

  • Closed Back Headphones:

Headphones close to your ears and do not cause noise and sound outside cannot enter. This type of headphone monitor can minimize unwanted noise. However, please think carefully before choosing to buy yourself one earpiece Close Back Headphones.

Above are two properties and two kinds of sound and headphones monitor we use. There are some differences between the use of studio monitor and headphone monitor, you can use them together to make you feel more convenient. However, using one of these is good two, it is not necessary to have both of them.


How To Make A Really Bad Cup Of Coffee


Don’t be afraid to make coffee so bad that only the family dog would want to drink it.

Everywhere you look, people give advice on how to make a good cup of coffee. There’s blogs about the topic and even full-length books dedicated to it.

Today, I want to tell you how to make a bad cup of coffee. Whether you’re just an average Joe or a certified coffee snob, I’ve got some advice for you. Much thanks goes out to my accomplices on Facebook and Twitter who helped me put together this advice.

The first thing to do is buy your coffee at the grocery store. It’s pretty obvious that most of those stores care only about profit margins, so you know they aren’t going to be focusing on quality best instant coffee. If you happen to find anything decent there, they must be having an off month.

When you’re at the grocery store, look for the giant plastic tubs of coffee, preferably one that’s on sale for some ridiculously low price because who cares if the farmers can’t make a living growing the beans for our morning wake up call. For an added bonus, look for a tub that includes Robusta beans, sure they taste bitter but they have more caffeine.

I almost left this tip out because it’s so obvious, but make sure you buy pre-ground coffee! Coffee starts to go stale within fifteen minutes, losing it’s flavors and aromas, so you want to make sure you buy pre-ground that’s been sitting on the shelf at the store for who knows how long.

If you do have to buy whole bean coffee, at least use that coffee grinder at the grocery store. You know the one that’s never been cleaned and covered in old grinds and dirt! Think off all of the extra flavors that’ll come with your coffee.

If you feel the need to grind your coffee at home, buy one of the cheap blade grinders. They can add an extra burnt flavor to even the best beans. Whatever you do, don’t invest in a burr grinder. They’re a complete waste of money! Who cares if they produce even grinds. If you are one of those people with a coffee grinder, make sure you never clean it. By not cleaning it, you’ll keep all of those flavors from old beans in form of rotting grinds and stale oils from weeks ago.

While we’re talking about the ground coffee, make sure not measure it. Just throw in a random amount of scoops into your drip coffee maker or french press. Why measure it or make sure your scoops are even? That’s just added work that doesn’t make a difference. Don’t worry about adding too little, if you’re coffee looks more like tea, it’s not really a bad thing. And adding too much, I’m sure that won’t cause any problems either.

Oh and one more thing about grinds before we get too far. One grind is good for all brewing methods. Using fine grinds with a drip coffee maker won’t cause it to overflow and make a mess all over your counter. Trust me, I know this from experience! Don’t be afraid to use a fine grind for your french press either. You’ll be able to taste the difference. The coffee experts that say you should use a coarse grind for a french press are full of it.

The biggest ingredient in a cup of coffee is the water, but don’t spend anytime worrying about the quality of your water. If your water is hard, don’t worry about filtering it. Those extra minerals just add extra flavors. If you live in a community with chlorinated water, same thing, don’t worry about filtering it. Oh yeah, even if you have polluted water, water that tastes bad, don’t worry the coffee will hide all of those imperfections.

Here’s a bonus tip for you. If you’re using a filter, don’t bother to rinse it. It won’t make a difference by washing away the paper taste that you get when you’re using something like an automatic coffee maker or drip filter.

Now, what’s talk about how to brew the coffee. First off, don’t follow the instructions. Whether it’s the instructions that come with the device or instructions you find online, they’re just there to misled you. Feel free to make up your own way to use the machine, adding as much coffee and water that you want.

Here’s a couple of bonus tips for you if you’re looking to get an automatic coffee maker. Get one that doesn’t heat the water above 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re heating the water yourself, make sure to stay away from temperatures in the 195-202 degree temperature range. If you heat it hotter, like boil it, you’ll over extract the flavors. If you heat it less, you’ll under extract flavors. You don’t want to go into that range in between. Trust me again, it’s a bad thing.

Don’t feel like you have to stick to their rules for steeping time, if you’re using something like a french press. The standard might be 4-5 minutes, but think of how much better your coffee would taste if you let it steep for ten or even twenty minutes. And after your pour out a cup or two from your french press, let the rest just sit in the carafe until you’re ready for another cup of coffee.

While I’m writing about coffee sitting in the carafe, I gotta mention that letting the carafe full of coffee sitting on the hot plate for hours is a good thing. I mean seriously, just think of how world class coffee comes from grimy gas stations and greasy diners. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

If you’re coffee starts to get cold, don’t be afraid to just reheat it in the microwave. It won’t change the flavors of the coffee at all! I swear.

No matter what method of brewing you use, don’t ever clean your machine. Definitely don’t clean it on a regular basis to get rid of all of the pungent oils and molding grinds that could be hiding somewhere. Like with the grinder, those are good flavors!

And make sure you re-use the coffee grounds. Save some money, use the same grounds two, maybe even three times. I’m sure that second pot of coffee will taste just as good.

You can tell you made a really good cup of coffee by how much you have to doctor it. The more milk, sugar or flavor syrups that you have to add, the better cup of coffee you made. The coffee flavor in coffee needs to be hid by those things so don’t be afraid to bury your coffee in sugar and turn the color a pale white with milk.

If this all seems too complicated to you, I understand there’s a lot of rules to follow to make a bad cup of coffee, check out some healthy coffee from one of those shady multi-level marketing people or instant coffee from a giant corporate coffee company.

What suggestions do you have for someone who wants to make a bad cup of coffee?

8 places to buy espresso machines

Espresso machines are in no way niche industry; they are a quick moving city powered in huge part by our enormous utilization of caffeine. Yet, in the event that you’re anything like me, you’re specific about your espresso. An extraordinary though efficient Black and Decker dribble model will do; rather, it needs to deliver a quality shot of espresso and be outwardly animating, which frequently requires going past your neighborhood Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart.


Zuccarini offers imported Italian espresso machines, as well as bears a long history of serving Toronto caffeine addicts following from 1954. Truth be told, they claim to have started the convergence of espresso machine into Canada- – with a Gaggia, no less- and have kept on doing as such through a family-run operation. Their stock has extended to incorporate Pasquini, Nuova Simonelli, Elektra, Franke and everything accompanies an in-house guarantee ensure.

Nella Cutlery

Nella Cutlery is also called a supplier of sustenance gear for eateries, and their choice of espresso machines un-questionably guides more promptly towards a bustling bistro than an apathetic Sunday morning at home. However, in the event that you’re searching for a proficient, multitasking espresso machine, look at their determination of Saeco two-glass brewers, or the one-container Saeco Xelsis, a lovely bit of machinery prepared to set-up your most loved espresso-based refreshment.


Faema has been conveying espresso and cappuccino to Canada for more than 50 years, and they have the stock and presentation focus to demonstrate it-you can even select to test your machine before buy. While they additionally offer espresso machines, Faema’s enthusiasm is espresso. You’ll discover both customary and super-automatic models from brands, for example, Giotto and Jura, espresso processors, beans and adornments – all of which will get a beautiful penny, however simply include the numerous Americanos and cappuccinos you’ve delighted in around the city, and it doesn’t appear to be so awful.

Green Beanery

The Green Beanery is known basically for their wide assortment of beans, non-benefit beginnings and moral way to deal with espresso, yet they likewise offer espresso machines from an extensive rundown of surely understood brands, including Bunn, Krups and Saeco. You can without much of a stretch forget about time meandering through their Bloor and Bathurst store-  in which Bodum figures to a great extent. The Green Beanery’s commitment to espresso arrangement is obvious in their choice – from case espresso producers, to French press, to chilly blend, and even in their offer of copper Turkish espresso pots 60 dollars. You will discover espresso processors, roasters, and obviously, their famous stock of green-espresso beans.

Espresso Planet

Espresso Planet gloats a close scaring choice of more than thousand items spread over their gigantic five thousand square feet of showroom, from basic dribble and channel espresso machines, to cleaning supplies for your coffeemaker, to pump-driven and super-automatic espresso machines. They even have single-serve espresso producers accessible both as convenient frameworks and porcelain glasses. You’ll additionally discover a variety of sauces and syrups, for example, Monin caramel sauce and the Torani line of syrups utilized as a part of numerous coffeehouses. As a reward, their costs are reliably underneath business sector.

La Strada

La Strada conveys a substantial determination of higher-end espresso machine brands, for example, Saeco- -the implied inventor of superautomatic machines and also Gaggia, Jura, and fire-motor red, perfectly retro Francis models. They additionally offer upkeep and repair for your espresso machines, demo show and out-of-box specials, machine cleaning items and different embellishments.

Consiglio’s Kitchenware and Gift

Consiglio’s offers a wide exhibit of top-of-the-line espresso machines- – running from Gaggia, to Delonghi, to Bugatti- – in both manual and super-automatic assortments. You’ll likewise discover coordinating adornments for your image name buy, for example, container warmers and espresso processors and in addition fired and stainless steel stovetop espresso producers, and even a determination of turkish foam pots.


Nespresso espresso and espresso machines depend on pre-measured cases which guarantee a perfect blend inevitably. A considerable lot of their machines, for example, the vintage-enlivened CitiZ for 269 dollars- -can create both short espresso and lungo, and can be acclimated to fit a macchiato glass. Models, for example, the Latissima 599 dollars highlight a glass warming plate and a removable milk compartment for storage in the ice chest. Likewise, every machine accompanies a 1 to 2-year guarantee.


Espresso is a drink widely appreciated for its rich caffeine taste and an amazing stimulant. If you have a pile of workload and you know the only way to make it through is spending more hours at it through cutting down you average sleeping hours then just know that a double espresso will be that loyal servant or trusted friend that will stand by you in the midnight hours helping you to to keep your eyelids at its rightful place. Espresso has undeniable abilities to stimulate your central nervous system keeping it alert and attentive through the day as well as in the night.Great deal for students preparing for exams and have to spend more hours going through their notes.

Espresso has the ability to relax the nervous system. For that business man or woman who is nervous about a board meeting, closing that deal that you have been chasing after for months, that presentation or pitch that you have been preparing for weeks in front of the mirror you need not look far and beyond for something to ease the tension within.After rehearsing your breathing rhythm just grab a sit ease your mind with a cup of hot espresso its a wonderful way of easing the stress.

I need to mention that espresso is a dietary supplement it is an antioxidant. This means it has the ability to reduce or even eliminate oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals leading to a chain reaction that can damage cells. Espresso can terminate the formation of such chemical reaction thus we can as well say that it prevents diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Espresso is the real deal for people who are conscious of their health and would like to take more precaution regarding their health in order to be able to do more in this life.

Its also important to note that espresso has a medicinal value. Espresso has the ability to ease migraine. After a long day of work attending to customers inquiries and complaints, answering and responding to calls made by clients, taking notes from a day long meeting,Cris-crossing one street to another while making deliveries,and the hours long traffic coupled by hooting from one end to another all is left of you is this irritable head ache.A double espresso can work magic.Get yourself a comfortable relaxing position with a hot cup of espresso it feels like heaven.

Lastly i must point out that an espresso is a great tool to gather around with family and friends for that light or even intense conversation because it arouses a good mood. If you are out for a date with that special person on a cold Wednesday, Friday or Saturday evening an espresso will set the moods right. Its stimulant and relaxing effect will set one on the right pedestal to stir up a conversation.

Next time you sit down for an espresso remember to put a smile on your face.

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Cheap Backpacking To Suit Your Pocket

The best backpacking cheap trip can be completed in two different manners. The first option mentioned here would help you to check on the expenses made during the trip that you are planning to go for. Second option mentioned here would actually helps you to shell out minimum money on the backpacking gears. These gears are used during the trip. The article will help those people who are looking for, saving the cost on the backpacking trip. The backpacking trip is made easy.

backpacking trip

If you are planning a trip for hiking, it is mandatory to have a super poly-fiber t-shirt. It is an essential item if the hiking trip is happening in the month of July- August. You can buy the regular t shirt instead to save your dollars. The regular tees are inexpensive when compared to the prior ones.You can also have various options available for the raincoat. Check the raincoat that suits your pocket and is durable. You can save your money on the gears by checking and searching the gears wisely in the market. It is not necessary to buy the branded stuff, the stuff would of last longer, be will be sufficient to be used during one time hiking trip.

There are deals available at different point of time. Keep an eye on it. It is crucial that you keep checking for the deals. There are season sales. You need to search your items smartly. Keep a check on the internet too. You might Scunthorpe any sale. If you are lucky enough then you can procure the shoes, hiking boots, foot wears on the cheap prices. There are some internet sites that provide huge discounts. You must also keep checking on the close out deals.  There are vendors who provide amazingly low price if closing their stores. You can some of the gears at throw away prices. You can get some of the backpacking stuff such as sleeping bags, best backpacking stove , tent etc at almost half price or with the heavy discounts. If you still look for the cheap options, then search on the sites. There are some internet sites that provide the used stuff. It is not recommended to opt for the used shoes up you can easily buy the jackets, sleeping bag etc. They are light in weight so can be carried easily in your backpacking cheap trip. They are in good and usable condition.

choose ultralight backpacking stove

Food is another major concerns that has to be kept in mind while you plan for the hiking trip. If you are planning the cheap trip, then avoid carrying the dried and frozen food items. These food items are expensive. Carry snacks to help you with the hunger pangs. You can cook the instant food on your backpacking stove.

You can also make your trip cheap by going on own with family and friends rather than taking a guided tour. You need to do lot of research on the place. You need to check the climatic condition, the safety measures etc of the area you are going to. There are many national parks that are reserved. You have to pay the fees here if you are going for hiking. You can avoid the fees by finding out the safe place where you can explore the nature. You will also save the heavy fees amount. Take help from the experienced friends in such case. Do your research properly and then go ahead.